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Apura (Tagalog for "Very Urgent") presents an international, intergenerational mix of free improvisers, connecting the incendiary free music of the 1960s to the activist improvisation of the 21st century.

Karl Evangelista - guitar
Alexander Hawkins - piano
Rei Scampavia - keyboard, electronics
Lisa Mezzacppa - bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo, Andrew Cyrille - drums
Trevor Watts, Francis Wong - saxophone

Grex is an art rock/experimental music duo based out of Oakland, California. In biological terms, a "grex" is an entity composed of several smaller organisms. Grex (the band) explores the meeting point between surreal songcraft and the dark outer reaches of experimental music.

Karl Evangelista - guitar, voice, drums, samples, misc.
Rei Scampavia - synth, voice, drums, misc.

The Song and Dance trio explores the nexus between free jazz, rock elements, and noise music, synthesizing these elements into a sound that is unique, surprising, and - yes - danceable.

Karl Evangelista - guitar
Jordan Glenn - drums
Cory Wright - baritone & tenor saxophone