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GREX 10th Anniversary Tour: 2019 SUMMER TOUR DATES

*Celebrating X years of wonder, chaos, and power*

July 19, 8pm, Seattle, WA, Central Saloon, w/Bad Luck, Rae

July 20, 7pm, Portland, OR, Specks Records, w/Galaxy Research, Teton, Pat Keen

July 21, 9:30pm, Olympia, WA, O'Malley's, w/New Born Babies, Mansion

July 23, 7pm, Chico, CA, Tender Loving Coffee, w/Guest No.66

July 24, 8:30pm, Santa Cruz, CA, The Blue Lagoon, w/Aurora Beam, Blonda, Chris Peck

July 26, 8pm, Pasadena, CA, Battery Books, w/Similar Fashion

July 27, 8pm, Long Beach, CA, The Wine Bar LB, w/MajicBulletTheory

July 29, 7:30pm Corrales, NM, Live at Thrive

July 30, 8pm, Lubbock, TX, Boston Space, w/Tyler Simpson

August 1, 8pm, Washington, DC, Dew Drop Inn, w/Fanoplane, Sonic Eddy

August 2, 8:30pm, Philadelphia, PA, The Mothership

August 4, 8pm, West Haven, CT, Crunch House, w/Pheobe, Them Airs

August 5, 8pm, New York, NY, Nublu Classic, w/Practitioner (Ben Goldberg/Michael Coleman), Eli Wallace 4

August 6, 8pm, Allston, MA, O'Brien's Pub, w/Soaked in Strange, Brown Lasers

August 8, 9pm, Chicago, IL, The Whistler, w/Mako Sica, Tatsu Aoki/Karl Evangelista/Avreeayl Ra

August 15, 8pm, Oakland, CA, The Uptown, w/Hare and Arrow, Jeweled Snakes

August, Sacramento, CA, Gold Lion Festival


Out Now: Grex's Electric Ghost Parade

Available now! After several years of blood, sweat, and tears, Karl's longtime band Grex has released its magnum opus into the world!

You can purchase the album, and listen to a few choice tracks, here:!

Also on Spotify!

Here's what folks are saying about Electric Ghost Parade:

"Grex strikes an interesting balance between the exploratory tendencies of psychedelic rock and free jazz with a more modern indie-pop sensibility." - The Los Angeles Beat (Ted Kane)

"a wide-ranging and excitingly unpredictable sound" - The Bay Bridged (Ben Van Houten)

"I haven't heard such varying psych sounds in more recent times since The Fiery Furnaces went their separate ways some nine years ago. An excellent release." - Echoes and Dust (Ljubinko Zivkovic)

"Evangelista wields a swell grouchy guitar tone, Scampavia's pipes are sweet, and when they freak out, they freak out good." - The Vinyl District (Joseph Neff)

" far as quirky, avant-garde original music goes, I give them loads of credit for putting together something this far out... Go in with an open mind and see what you think." - Sea of Tranquility (Pete Pardo)

"Coming from a free-jazz, improvisational background, creating spontaneous art was Evangelista's general methodology with Grex... The resulting songs are dynamic and at times quirky and jubilant, like something Bay Area avant-pop band Deerhoof might play." - East Bay Express (Aaron Carnes)

"these Bay Area brainiacs trip out on a chilled-out yet complex attack of math-rock heroics, free-improvisational freak-outs, and psych-rock weirdness as they channel Henry Kaiser and Hendrix." - The Brooklyn Rail (Brad Cohan)

"It's a sardonically noisy psychedelic rock record with a little free jazz thrown in to keep you guessing. And it's an awful lot of fun." - New York Music Daily (Alan Young)

And if you're looking for more about the new record (straight from the horses' mouths):

Karl talking to the great Mike Watt (of Minutemen) on the Watt from Pedro Show: HERE

Grex on Radio Free Brooklyn-a special "acoustic" set + interview: HERE

Grex on The Bay Bridged's Experimental Music Mixtape, via KQED: HERE